Monday, 7 June 2010

A little insight...

i feel the need to complain quickly,

i honestly hate getting post for car related things :(
if you don't know, i have a car, i love my car greatly, i was insured, taxed, set up at the petrol station etc, but i can't drive!
i was learning, i got about half way or further but i hate it, i honestly hate driving...or should i say other drivers
its too scary, too important
but i love my car and now poor barney (he's green on the outside and purple inside) is sat getting dirty on my drive and has been doing for about 6months
oh my :(

thats not barney, but he's fundermentally the same thing, we'll say thats his brother
poor barney :(

I'm also disliking not sleeping at the minute, im unsure as to the last time i slept a full night,
my brain never switches off, it hits the pillow and worries about irrelivant twaddle, it relives convosations and replans others,
im also getting over flu so im up coughing till late, i can't even sleep in as i have a very loud family who work from home
oh how it'd be nice to sleep well!

On a nicer note,

My hair changed (again to anyone who knows me!)

this is the old length and colour, red with a biggg fringe

and now its like this, yellow/orange (im lightening it, i cant decide between blonde or light brown yet) and ive chopped it all off haha

it's been so warm!
my poor shoulders are burnt but its been nice not to be clostrophobic (spelling im sorry) in lots of layered clothes!


  1. hello! :)

    Your blog is very interesting :) Love the blue sweater!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter!

    love, polly :)

  2. After three accidents, I hate driving too!
    My husband does most of it now :D

  3. I had 2 lessons & I didn't like my instructor :( I need to start learning again!
    I hate the heat!