Friday, 30 April 2010

My apologies...

for the lack of updates, but unfortunatly i have little to show :(
No mayjor haul this week, as i have barely bought anything due to the fact im supposed to start moving to a flat in like two weeks, therefore i'm saving, so ive only bought house things!

I went to Alton Towers, i had photos to show you, but they're horrible, so for the minute i'll refrain.

Today i bought Laura Ashley wall paper for the flat, down to £1.50 a roll!
Not for the walls mind, to cover boxes, hehe
They have the most gorgeous ceramic bird hooks, but i can't spend £18 on two hooks, although they're now down to £12, but i still can't jusify it...shame really, i adore them!

Me and my flat mate shall get on beautifuly...we both love scatter cushions!

I'm going shopping in Manchester tomorrow, so i'll be buying for the giveaway then.

Sorry for the usless post, my heads all over the shop at the minute.

All my love, Lozzii <3

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Who Wants Free Gifts? :)

I'm after more followers, so i have a plan...
When i get a set amount of followers (at the minute i'll go with 50) i'll do a huge giveaway!
So, i could do with some help?
Please advertise and link me on your blog! if you do, comment me with a link, i may even send you a thank you gift!

So please help me out!

So anyway, i figured i'd add a little more to this blog, so here's todays outfit:

Skirt and Cardigan-Primark, Tights-A gift from Mummy and Shoes and vest-George.

I'm shopping today or tomorrow, so no doubt they'll be a haul :)

Please enter for the free gifts! <3

Monday, 19 April 2010

This Week...

A word of warning from now...this will be a long one!
As i have a problem with updating regulary i want to do a huge weekly blog and then add more as and when i can/have something to i don't feel quite so usless.
This is basically everything from my week :)


I've been to my boyfriends for this week so had to preplan outfits before i went, so this is what i ended up with...quite impressed if i do say so myself!


My headdress, i adore it, i wore it out tuesday and my friend said i looked like a fairy, i shall soon be making it in creme also!


When my boyfriend was at work, his mum, sister and I went for a walk to the local locks, plenty of ducks and geese...we fed them too :)


I adore Lo Bosworth, she was one of my favourites in Laguna and continues to be in The Hills, she's so unappriciate!


My boyfriend bought this beautiful red roses from work! i love him!

And Mummy got me this Dragonfly light, ive been after for one for ages (easily pleased me), i adore it ^_^


I get payed weekly, and with the exception of £10 board, i spend it all in days :|
I thought i'd let you know how :)

All of this weeks items...although, i am sure ive missed some stuff :/

Red studded dress-Vetir-£5 each or 3 for £10

Vintage red coat-thrifted-50p! (who's have thought a proper coat for 50p!)

Vintage green coat-Thrifted-50p

Former Topshop Satin long blazer-Vetir-£5 each or 3 for £10

Pink and black tutu strapless dress-Bambu-£8

Vintage summer dress (to take up)-Thrifted-50p

Atmosphere studded purple dress-Thrifted-£1.75

Bow crop top-Select-£6

Vintage M&S faux fur gilet-Thrifted-£1.50

Peach and Navy dress-Bambu-£3

(i also bought Vogue) Elle, £3.60 The Hill season 4 £15

Former Topshop gold dress-Vetir-£5 each or 3 for £10

Vintage navy long coat (to take up as i'm 5'4 and it to my ankles! :|) -thrifted-50p

Low side baseball pumps-George-£6

Maybelinne Shadow set-£7, 2x Dream matte moose-£7 each
Gold watch-Market-£10

Last but not least, my blog of the week. I've spent alot of this week ready blogs, and my favourite by far is (it won't let me link her atm ¬¬)
I've read back all the way to october last year (at which point my boyfriend closed the laptop as i was ignoring him!)
I think it's wonderful so please have a look!

Please let me know anything about my blog...i'd love opinion

With love, Lozzii <3

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

May 2010 Vogue

I'm in love with this issue of Vogue, more than usual, and i'm unsure as to why. Everything about it is beautiful, it's simple, nude and also has a McQueen ed which makes it all the more appealing.

The thing more than anything that caught my attention...Chanel Couture!
One dress in perticular i'd probably die for...

that little beauty on the left i wish i could afford (or have an moment worth wearing it)

I feel i must save, if only to make my wardrobe feel exquisit

Friday, 9 April 2010

Benefit Review;

I've recently bought myself alot of Benefit makeup (and some ive been collecting for a while) and the majority i'm very pleased with, even with the price tag.
I just thought i'd write a quick blog for everyone as when spending that much money you want to know if it's worth it, especially if there are no testers at the time.
Any other questions please ask, i'm not doing this to show off/think i know everything it's just quick and simple and hopefully helpful!

Erase Paste; £18.50 ''This concentrated, creamy concealer brightens and camouflages in one easy step! Targets dark circles, discoloration and imperfections.''
In my opinion; this is amazing! It's beautifully thick without being too much, i have the palest one (as im really pale) and it's a little light for me and a little lighter than my foundation, but even with that in mind it blends brilliantly under and over the foundation...well worth it!

Lemon Aid; £16.50 ''Our soft, lemon yellow cream helps to hide redness and discoloration on your eyelids. In a snap, eyes look refreshed, frisky, and ready for fun.''
Undecided on this, good if you're having a bad day or have been crying the day before :')
Abit pointless for everyday wear (even if i do) or if you have natural really red eyes

BadGal Lash;-£15.50 ''Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's as BAD as you want to be!''
I'm used to wear LOTS of mascara (i tend to wear 3different ones at once) so compared to that it's thin, even compared to most it's thin, it's nice though, soft enough to not leave you like your eyelashes will fall out, especially when it comes to taking it off.

BadGal Liner; £14 ''This big, BAD, black eye pencil is a beauty addict's dream and a makeup artist's must-have. Dark, smoky, mysterious...being BAD never looked so good!''
Very soft and smudgy, good if you like smokey eyes and thick eyeliner, abit pointless for me for everyday as i don't wear alot of eyeliner, but great for nights out etc.

DR FeelGood Velvety Complexion Balm; £20.50 ''Mattify shine with our invisible, weightless balm. Leaves skin silky to the touch. ''
i find this really pointless, but maybe its just my face as i know alot of people swear by it, it's supposed to smooth out fine lines without or over makeup...i don't see the big deal, but maybe i need to be shown how to use it.

Georgia Blush; £23.50 ''Our just peachy face powder leaves your complexion warm and vibrant. Georgia is a's peaches and cream!''
I love this it's gorgeous, such a soft colour, great as as soft blush or eyeshadow, personally have never used as a face powder but i guess it'd be lovely.

Ohh La Lift; £15.50 ''Legendary under-eye brightening boost...this delicate pink balm is like an instant eyelift!''
this is wonderful, great for lightening dark circles, perfectly brightening.

Miss Popularity; £17.50 ''Turn up your "all that" appeal with miss popularity. All you need is our new precision highlighter in all the right places and you're "all that" just like that. This soft white shimmering highlighter makes it so easy.''
i think this is so impressive, it works on 4 or 5 seperate parts of your face, with an instruction manual built into the box, great packaging though.

Lipstick; £13 ''Our flattering silky-finish lipsticks are sheer and buildable, so you can customize your look: a light wash of color for au natural gals or an amped-up POP of color for the drama queen in you! ''
ive only used this once as its not my colour (it came with my phone) but if i recall, very soft and shiney, generally quite nice but probably wouldn't stick for long.

YouRebel Lite; £21.50 ''Our defiantly different tinted moisturizer gives your complexion coverage, moisture and SPF protection all in one. For fair-skinned rebels. ''
not great for me as i don't have good enough skin for tinted moisturiser but i think i'll probably use it the morning after the night before when i can't quite be bothered to clog my face up and i have last nights mascara/lashes on...(yeah, i don't do that alot)

If there's anything else you want to know please let me know, i'll update/post a new blog as and when i buy more to add to my collection.
Please let me know if this was helpful!

with love, Lozzii <3

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Would anyone be interested in a benefit review?

ive got loads of new benefit makeup, would anyone like to know about them?

sorry ive been so rubbish at updating lately, im boring and usless :( <3