Saturday, 2 January 2010

the snow was like golf balls

i haven't been on here in so very long, i'm sorry, although i'm not sure anyone minds :)

did everyone enjoy their christmas?
i did, it was lovely
yet the older i get, the less eventful it is
i barely even get spoken to by some of my family members as they cant be bothered with children, yet im old enough that they don't get me gifts anymore? yeah ofcourse

yet, i did enjoy sales shopping,
three days in a row :D

did everyone also enjoy their new year?
i had a small party, it was wonderful
apart from one person was sick...alot
so i had to stay up till 4am cleaning
then one brother came home saying the party he was at ended in trouble,
and then the other came back from another party with the same story
they were both envolved and neither caused it haha

today i went to see sherlock holmes in the cinema, it's brilliant!

i even snowed again, the flakes were the size of golfballs
stuck quickly too!
but then it rained and it went away :(

i hope you're well <3