Sunday, 28 February 2010


i havent updated since the party, but next week/week after i shall have abig haul for you :)
I plan on going abit mental shopping in the next few days :D

I've been making recently, sorry theyre all jumbled up, buy them at ...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A party i reccomend...

After trailing through blogspot last week i came across a party idea i'd never thought of before
clothes swapping
lots of us do it on myspace/big wardrobe but we never do in person?
So i organised my friends and I a party, it was amazing
everyone was told to bring old clothes/accessories/shoes etc and some alcohol
everyone on average bought a binbag full, except for two
Kathryn: bought a suitcase and a bag
and Sian: bought four binbags
We all the sat round and had a laugh as Sian held everything up one by one and everyone got to call what they wanted
and we have 5binbags for charity also :D
Everyone got to clear out what they saw as rubbish and get some new things in return.
It's a great idea when your strapped for cash, £4 on a bottle of wine and your done!
I have to say i ended up with the most and did incredibly well as you can see above!

1. Two Studded belts (for the studs), blue/red/white bag, cream/brown belt, star necklace, bead necklace
2.'Aloha' hoodie, Bench Hoodie
3. Adidas jacket, Nike hoodie
4. All Jackets and Hoodies
5. Jeans, Jeggings, 2x white shorts
6. Silk pink dress, green maxi dress, vintage style pencil skirt
7, Brown vest, red strapless, jumper/shirt, sheer black crop
8. 4x pink vests, spotty blue strapless, yellow cami
9. stripy polo, feather top, lion top
10. All tops
11. Topshop sheer black dress with underdress, drapey black dress, tshirt material black dress, long sleeved black dress, red dress
12. French Connetion Mac! <33

Proud of myself is an understatment

if you ever get the chance do it yourself, i doubt you'll regret it <33

Mondays Haul

I promise a haul on monday but i couldn't find my camera cable/never got around to it.
I got some lovely stuff, most of the skin products were from the week before and all the 'i love...' stuff were gifts from Mummy <3

Cecella Ahern; 'if you could see me now', 'thank you for the memories' 'p.s i love you'
£1.50 each Charity shop
Wrap Braclet, £2.50 Asda
Earrings; £1-£1.50 each, Asda
Africa; i don't recall where this was from/how much, but how much is like Benefit blushes?!
i can promise you it was under their £20+ price tag as well at less than £5!
it's amazing too, great colour!
Gold Hoops; £1 a jewellery shop sale
Scarf; £1 same jewellery shop
Wet Look Legging; Same jewellery shop
Socks; £2.50 Peococks
Emergency phone charger; 99p Halfords carrivan park
Exfoliating Gloves; 49p B+M

with love, Lozzii <3

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Salmanella and Studs

I have a Mat Horne gig tonight and no enough cash for clothes shoes, so i revamped :)
i picked up a strapless LBD in Newlook down from £20 to £2 with a broken zip 5minutes later it's perfect again and a saving of £18!

Denim jackets seem to be expensive at the minute, especially studded, averaging on what i assume to be £30+!
Denim Jacket from charity shop=£2
Bleach and nailpolish remover =£1.50
Silver Studs= £2 for 4packets with applicator
Gold Studs (also used the same packet for the next item too!) =£1
Black studs = old studded belt

and i ended up with...

I'm proud to say the least, but i get prouder!
everyones seen those beautiful black ankle boots with the gold studs right?
cheapest ive found them is £25
i had some old black ankle boots knocking around that cost me just £5 in the sale, and using the same packet old gold studs and before and a hot glue gun i ended up with...

i'm so impressed with myself, my whole really stylish outfit's probably cost about £10!
im such a cheap skate i love it!

Thanks to my boyfriend cleaning out his room im currently sat here in giant skiing pants, i don't know why i havent taken them off yet, but they're warm!

We have a beautiful new member to our family ♥

Meet Salmanella, the 6yr old female terrapin (word of warning if you want to buy one, yes they grow to that size!)

and no, don't worry she's not living in my bath, we just let her in for a few hours to have a good old swim :)

I had so many stories i wanted to share with you, yet i can't quite manage it atm, as my brain is currently not functioning!

with love, Lozzii ♥