Thursday, 11 February 2010

Salmanella and Studs

I have a Mat Horne gig tonight and no enough cash for clothes shoes, so i revamped :)
i picked up a strapless LBD in Newlook down from £20 to £2 with a broken zip 5minutes later it's perfect again and a saving of £18!

Denim jackets seem to be expensive at the minute, especially studded, averaging on what i assume to be £30+!
Denim Jacket from charity shop=£2
Bleach and nailpolish remover =£1.50
Silver Studs= £2 for 4packets with applicator
Gold Studs (also used the same packet for the next item too!) =£1
Black studs = old studded belt

and i ended up with...

I'm proud to say the least, but i get prouder!
everyones seen those beautiful black ankle boots with the gold studs right?
cheapest ive found them is £25
i had some old black ankle boots knocking around that cost me just £5 in the sale, and using the same packet old gold studs and before and a hot glue gun i ended up with...

i'm so impressed with myself, my whole really stylish outfit's probably cost about £10!
im such a cheap skate i love it!

Thanks to my boyfriend cleaning out his room im currently sat here in giant skiing pants, i don't know why i havent taken them off yet, but they're warm!

We have a beautiful new member to our family ♥

Meet Salmanella, the 6yr old female terrapin (word of warning if you want to buy one, yes they grow to that size!)

and no, don't worry she's not living in my bath, we just let her in for a few hours to have a good old swim :)

I had so many stories i wanted to share with you, yet i can't quite manage it atm, as my brain is currently not functioning!

with love, Lozzii ♥


  1. Turtles bring good luck according to Asian culture, more so Chinese culture. The bigger you have the better. Thanks for stopping by SheWearSheShares. Denim jackets are way too expensive. The one you customized looks great. I should cut my abercrombie one up!

  2. i really love the shoes!