Tuesday, 14 December 2010

11 Days To Go...

Like most people know last week/the week before it snowed in England...alot.
My town and the surrounding areas weren't too badly covered only a couple of inches but other places were snowed in.
Making the most of the snow while we had it (as its sadly now gone here for now) i took a few snaps, i hope you like...

With love, Lozzii <3

Monday, 13 December 2010

Makeup Looks...

I have been wearing makeup since the innocent age of about 10, and to say i've worn every colour under the sun would probably be right (some of which i will say i regret, but you try and you learn...hopefully).
Yet 9 years later i have fallen into a rut!
Now, 'not having the right colours' would be stupid as i have boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes) full of makeup, every colour you could ask for, so if im honest i'm not too sure how ive managed it!
I've spend years changing my hair, cutting, extensions, this colour, that colour (again almost all colours) so i shall blaim that for the distraction!
But i have finally become happy (for the minute at least) with my mop so it's time to stop being so lazy and sort my face out too!
I'm always changing foundation etc due to money and avalability at the time, yet the rest stays in the rut!
These day i'll stretch as far as brown shadow in the crease, chunky black pencil and more mascara then i dare to mention (even lashes if i feel i can be bothered) or simple mascara and a red or pink lip.
Don't get me wrong both of which are a good look and actually suit me more than most but 365 days of the same thing is starting to get old!

However i've forced my poor Mother to buy me yet even more makeup and brushes for christmas (im obsessed i tell you!) including ELF's 100shadow pallete!
Excitement is an understatment, so i better start using it!

Back to the point of this whole post...
i have spent this evening trailing google, youtube and blogger for eyeshadow looks i can play around with (or at least drool at).
Im aware theyre a little dramatic (espesh to me who doesn't even suit bright clothes, let alone eyes) but they're easily played down or are good for nights out, so please enjoy...

Please let me know if you know any sites/blogs/channels i can check out for some looks, and if you have the same problem as me, espesh if youve come out at the colourful end :)

with love, Lozzii <3

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Items in Store!

New Items in store!

As you need to be my friend (and therefore still have a myspace account) to access my online store i thought i’d make it a little easier (:
There’s too much for me to upload it all to bigwardrobe or even on here, ive uploaded it all to photobucket, here are the links organised by size,

Size 8;

Size 10;

Size 12;

Size 14;

Size 16+;

If you would like to buy or you have any questions please email me at butterflycouture@hotmail.co.uk
Please state the size and product in the subject line or the email won’t come through on my phone,
£1.50 shipping to the UK, at the minute i’m not posting out of the UK unless i’m asked often enough

With Love, Lozzii<3

Monday, 22 November 2010

Favourite New Blog...

Daily Fashion Boost...
Everything about this blog i love, from her hair colour and fashion sense to her wardrobe, gimmiegimmiegimmie!

Time to decorate again...

I have a short attention span with my room, so here we go again...

Not finished but i thought i'd show you anyway

I've also organised my makeup in the above unit, pretty damn proud of myself to be honest

with love, Lozzii ♥

Toy Story 3

It came out on DVD and Bluray today, buy it, watch it and cry a little, it's pure amazing ♥

All i want for christmas...

L-r; NewLook £23, DorethyPerkins £32, DorethyPerkins £32

Help me pick one to wear on Christmas day with leggings and heels?

Say Hello...

to my beautiful boy ♥

He may kill me for this ;)

Halloween ♥

I have a great love for halloween, its one of my favourite holidays, and to make it better its also my best friends birthday (:

I few days before Halloween we went to a farm shop (which has a christmas barn, i'll get pictures when i next go, it's beautiful!) and the place was full of pumpkins, big to small, orange to green.

L-R; Brother David, Boyf Ashy, Myself, Chrissy and Bestfriend Lou
For the besties birthday we went out into town, there weren't alot of us out as most people stayed at university, but we managed to find my brothers so it was entertaining enough!
I always get disappointed with my costumes, i was a babydoll as i dont like looking dark, bloody or gorey, but than after i wish i'd done it as its only halloween once!
Oh well, there's always next year...

Sorry this post is so late, but im catching up!
with love, Lozzii<3

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Honey & Lemon ♥

Yet again ive not held up my end of the blogging deal, and yet again im poorly sick :(
I know i promised you lots of posts last week and i photographed for them too, but had to empty my camera when i went out one night and the pictures had to go, i never chance to add them to the pc before :(

But on a lighter note i have many halloween pictures to show you and im out saturday night so i'll have pictures then too, and i promise these wont be going away!

And above, please meet Kitty, im very proud of myself!
Please enjoy Halloween weekend ♥