Monday, 13 December 2010

Makeup Looks...

I have been wearing makeup since the innocent age of about 10, and to say i've worn every colour under the sun would probably be right (some of which i will say i regret, but you try and you learn...hopefully).
Yet 9 years later i have fallen into a rut!
Now, 'not having the right colours' would be stupid as i have boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes) full of makeup, every colour you could ask for, so if im honest i'm not too sure how ive managed it!
I've spend years changing my hair, cutting, extensions, this colour, that colour (again almost all colours) so i shall blaim that for the distraction!
But i have finally become happy (for the minute at least) with my mop so it's time to stop being so lazy and sort my face out too!
I'm always changing foundation etc due to money and avalability at the time, yet the rest stays in the rut!
These day i'll stretch as far as brown shadow in the crease, chunky black pencil and more mascara then i dare to mention (even lashes if i feel i can be bothered) or simple mascara and a red or pink lip.
Don't get me wrong both of which are a good look and actually suit me more than most but 365 days of the same thing is starting to get old!

However i've forced my poor Mother to buy me yet even more makeup and brushes for christmas (im obsessed i tell you!) including ELF's 100shadow pallete!
Excitement is an understatment, so i better start using it!

Back to the point of this whole post...
i have spent this evening trailing google, youtube and blogger for eyeshadow looks i can play around with (or at least drool at).
Im aware theyre a little dramatic (espesh to me who doesn't even suit bright clothes, let alone eyes) but they're easily played down or are good for nights out, so please enjoy...

Please let me know if you know any sites/blogs/channels i can check out for some looks, and if you have the same problem as me, espesh if youve come out at the colourful end :)

with love, Lozzii <3

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