Monday, 17 January 2011

uh oh.

I got Tumblr...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Years Resolutions...

The best way to keep up with a resolution is to tell everyone, right?
So here it goes...

To get back to being a size 10, then an 8.
By eating better
and exercise
To have good health

Good skin

Grow my nails

Grow my hair

Not to sit around when there's stuff to do

Be nicer to the boy

Be more helpful

Go out more

Get better with money

Finish learning to drive

I know it's alot but i have 11 and 1/2 months to do them in (:
Due to aches, pains and ill health i have done none of these yet...what a start!

New Years Eve...

For New years eve we had a few friends, few drinks and a few games.
It's always nice...
(i was clearly full of hugs)

Just after midnight we set of sky laterns to mark the start of the new year

After Christmas Sales...

Quite possibly my FAVOURITE time of the year!
I'd been a sqealing child for weeks in wait for boxing day, yummy!

I'm still not sure thats everything, but its most (:

what did you get? ,xo

Christmas (warning; picture heavy!)

Yes, i know this is SO delayed, so i'm spam everyones feed with all the stuff i havent posted yet...sorry!
Christmas was lovely, but as we're all abit too old now its getting a tad dull, but christmas is christmas so perfect none the less!
Christmas eve, myself and mamma and pappa

I got a tidge creative over the christmas period...
did you know you can set fire to salt can

As did Mammabear...

And then to Christmas Day...

And then of course, there were presents!
Most of my christmas presents these days consist of money, with just a few stocking fillers which to be fair i don't mind as i do love the sale, however, this year i realised with the exception of my best friends presents (which i havent included in the pictures as i forgot but it consisted of lots of nails, lots of lashes, sweeties, hello kitty and winnie the pooh, perfect!) i knew everything i was getting at least weeks before christmas, so no surprises for me.
But me and the mother (HI MUM) have this year decided i'm not allowed to know things, it just takes away the christmas spirit!
However, what i got was wonderful none the less...

Makeup bags; boyfriends mum and sister.
Mannequin; Brother, Brother, his girlfriend.
Mcfly CD and DVD; Boyfriend, and i got yummy shoes too!
Makeup and brushes; Mamma and Pappa.

what did you all get? (: xo