Monday, 22 November 2010

Halloween ♥

I have a great love for halloween, its one of my favourite holidays, and to make it better its also my best friends birthday (:

I few days before Halloween we went to a farm shop (which has a christmas barn, i'll get pictures when i next go, it's beautiful!) and the place was full of pumpkins, big to small, orange to green.

L-R; Brother David, Boyf Ashy, Myself, Chrissy and Bestfriend Lou
For the besties birthday we went out into town, there weren't alot of us out as most people stayed at university, but we managed to find my brothers so it was entertaining enough!
I always get disappointed with my costumes, i was a babydoll as i dont like looking dark, bloody or gorey, but than after i wish i'd done it as its only halloween once!
Oh well, there's always next year...

Sorry this post is so late, but im catching up!
with love, Lozzii<3

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