Sunday, 21 February 2010

A party i reccomend...

After trailing through blogspot last week i came across a party idea i'd never thought of before
clothes swapping
lots of us do it on myspace/big wardrobe but we never do in person?
So i organised my friends and I a party, it was amazing
everyone was told to bring old clothes/accessories/shoes etc and some alcohol
everyone on average bought a binbag full, except for two
Kathryn: bought a suitcase and a bag
and Sian: bought four binbags
We all the sat round and had a laugh as Sian held everything up one by one and everyone got to call what they wanted
and we have 5binbags for charity also :D
Everyone got to clear out what they saw as rubbish and get some new things in return.
It's a great idea when your strapped for cash, £4 on a bottle of wine and your done!
I have to say i ended up with the most and did incredibly well as you can see above!

1. Two Studded belts (for the studs), blue/red/white bag, cream/brown belt, star necklace, bead necklace
2.'Aloha' hoodie, Bench Hoodie
3. Adidas jacket, Nike hoodie
4. All Jackets and Hoodies
5. Jeans, Jeggings, 2x white shorts
6. Silk pink dress, green maxi dress, vintage style pencil skirt
7, Brown vest, red strapless, jumper/shirt, sheer black crop
8. 4x pink vests, spotty blue strapless, yellow cami
9. stripy polo, feather top, lion top
10. All tops
11. Topshop sheer black dress with underdress, drapey black dress, tshirt material black dress, long sleeved black dress, red dress
12. French Connetion Mac! <33

Proud of myself is an understatment

if you ever get the chance do it yourself, i doubt you'll regret it <33


  1. Such a good idea, i may attempt to organise one myself, love the Mac :)

  2. My friend suggested this, also used to do them at Topshop but i didn't go to any, you have totally changed my mind, I must organise one! And I love the studded boots in your previous post, I have also been meaning to stud a pair of shoes for ages but haven't got round to buying a glue gun yet. Just need some spare time! x