Friday, 30 April 2010

My apologies...

for the lack of updates, but unfortunatly i have little to show :(
No mayjor haul this week, as i have barely bought anything due to the fact im supposed to start moving to a flat in like two weeks, therefore i'm saving, so ive only bought house things!

I went to Alton Towers, i had photos to show you, but they're horrible, so for the minute i'll refrain.

Today i bought Laura Ashley wall paper for the flat, down to £1.50 a roll!
Not for the walls mind, to cover boxes, hehe
They have the most gorgeous ceramic bird hooks, but i can't spend £18 on two hooks, although they're now down to £12, but i still can't jusify it...shame really, i adore them!

Me and my flat mate shall get on beautifuly...we both love scatter cushions!

I'm going shopping in Manchester tomorrow, so i'll be buying for the giveaway then.

Sorry for the usless post, my heads all over the shop at the minute.

All my love, Lozzii <3

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