Sunday, 2 May 2010

Reviews, Weekly Haul and Giveaway Information!

Well, the last blog is currently invalid due to the fact i'm now not moving :(
I just don't have enough money at the minute, so the money i did have...i spent! :D
So, here's my haul for the week...

I bought a giant joblot of vintage jewellery...i'm in love!
Took me a few hours to unravel it all but so worth it, mmmm <3
It was supposed to be 'for repairs and spares' yet barely any of it was broken at all, and there was only a small bag of odd earrings!

All The Necklaces

All the earrings, these are my favourites out of everything! i love big earrings!

I also ended up with a fair few necklaces charms, which i can't wait to put on chains.

Brooches and pins, plus 2x belly bars.

and all the braclets!

plus, all this was left...i just can't sit and pick at it anymore, haha

Me and my boyfriend also took a train journey to Manchester for shopping!

I adore this bag!, it's amazing <3

2 x knee high black socks, 2x over the knee grey socks, black 'control pants' tights, and black knee high socks with floral bows.

Coral Sandels, Black studded velvet shoes boots, Navy Pumps, White Brogues and Leopard dollys.

Quilted makeup bag (i adore this!), 4x Mua eyeshadows, 1x Mua eyedust, Mua Blush, Mua Powder/bronzer, Mua lipstick, and 'Take a brow'

Mua Colours.

Purple Kabuki brush! i love it!

I plan on reviewing the makeup etc just above, i'd read a review on both the Mua products and the 'take a brow' set so i went out and bought.
Ive fallen in love with them both!

Take a brow'
Primark, £3.50
Great packaging and full of usfull stuff.
Set includes; 3x stencils, 1x eyebrown pencil, 1x fixing wax, 1x mini tweezers, 2x brush and 2x brow colour powders
the lid is also full of the instructions!
You basically choose one of the stencils, draw around the bottom line the the pencil and pluck everything below the line, add colour and fix, done!
The tweezers are also really good, my own pair were £13 and these aren't much worse!
Especially for the price, it's amazing!

Mua Products
Superdrug, £1 each!
These are Superdrugs new brand 'makeup academy', you may have to hunt for these, i tried three stores that didnt stock it yet and i eventually found it in Manchester city centre.
The pigmented products (shadows, blush etc) are brilliant, highly pigmented, very worth it, very bright.
The lipsticks, however, weren't strong (which i'd already read, so i wasn't dissapointed.
I'd bought a bright pink one that came out like tinted gloss or balm, my mum described it as childrens lipsticks.
Very worth trying any of them for just a £1 a product, i'm very impressed!

Giveaway update
Still not open, but i will let you know that part of the prize may be from the vintage haul above, and it'll definatly have lots of lush products in! :)

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  1. WOW! Some awesome stuff you got :D