Sunday, 6 June 2010


As Blogger likes to move and rearrange my photos im not going to caption every photo, so i shall write a list of everything :)
i hope you enjoy...

3x French t-shirts-Newlook
Big brown leather bag-Newlook
Floral socks and jewellery set- Off Mummy from Newlook
Alice in Wonderland in blueray-Gift from Mummy and Daddy
Soap and Glory plumping lipgloss-Boots
Gorgeous leather jacket-F&F
Top, pumps and socks for my boyfriend-Mens@Newlook
White Linen trousers-Primark
2x surf shorts-Primark
1x linen shorts-Primark
2x bodycon skirts-Primark
Skirt with pockets-Primark
Cotton shorts-Primark
2x sunnies-vintage brown, primark pink
Jelly Sandles-primark
Bib necklace-Newlook
Mascara and Lipstick-Tesco
4x rimmel shadows-TKMaxx
Ballerina tee, rose vest and plain black tee-Primark
Flower headband, peocock clip and 'love' necklace-primark
2x gold bags, gold purse and vespa bag-primark
Pocket mirror with light, lint rollers and travel bottles-Primark
Fairy Dust-boutique
3x single rings, 2x stackable ring sets, pearl necklace-Miss Selfridge

I don't live overly close to a Primark, the closest being 30minute+ away, so as you may be able to tell when i go i get everything i need haha
Let me know your opinions? ♥

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