Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free Limited Edition MUA Nail Polishes...

Just a quick post to let everyone that hasn't yet realised know that there's a current offer in Superdrug.
Yet again Coke has joined with a nail polish distrubuter to bring us free goodies.
With any two bottles of Coke bought in Superdrug you get two limited edition MUA Nailpolishs.
So with it costing around £2.40 for the two drinks and two polishes you can't really go wrong and theyre gorgeous colours!

(if youre like me your first thought is that the polishes are only a pound a piece, so youre technically spending more, but they are limited edition and you do get a few bevvys too ;))

I currently have the set on the right, and am wearing both colours, the oyster colour on the far right is beautiful!
Simple, perfect for work and generally really lovely!
Im usually not a fan of purple but i wacked it on my toes anyway as i was bored of the usual pink and im pretty impressed everytime i see them poking through my wedges.

All round a good deal that i will be investing more in (:

ps. do you think they choose nailpolish as you show it off when you drink, and obviously you use your hand to lift a bottle?
While looking into this i was trying to find a picture to prove my point, but instead found something too cute to leave on google, enjoy...

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  1. i saw this but only the black/red polish's.i like the paler colours so i may take another look tomorrow :)