Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Yet again i apologise for a lack of posts, im getting worse i swear but everythings been abit messy lately.
I'm starting to feel alot more like me lately (minus this cold i have), like i used to be, full of wonder and with thoughts that fly like butterflies :)

I left my photography course in December and havent photographed since (nothing more than nights out ofcourse) but i'm full of current want to start again, so lets hope i have something to show you soon.
For today at least i have been reading through multiple blogs, flickr and lookbook and i'm full to the brim of inspiration and want, dotted around this post are some of the images ive found on my travels, enjoy...

If you havent already, please check out its utterfly beautiful!

And last but not least, i shall be having a giveaway when i hit 50follows, so please keep your eyes pealed :)

with love, Lozzii <3

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